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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is one of the best ways to support our mission at Families Forward. We have multiple volunteer opportunities between our four programs. Please click the button below to sign up.

For any questions regarding volunteering, please email Missy Reams at

Volunteer at the Bidwell Food & Clothing Pantry

Great for individuals or groups. You can help guide families through their grocery "shopping" experience, assist clients with clothing and household item selections, help organize donations, or stock and face grocery items.

Provide dinner at the New Directions Shelter

Each Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday we host a group dinner for the families at the New Directions Shelter. If you'd like to provide this dinner we ask that it be ready-to-eat or heated up at the shelter, delivered by 4:45p.m., feed up to 25 people, and is family friendly. 

Host a children's activity at the New Directions Shelter

Read books, play games, create art projects, plan a movie night, or provide other projects for the children staying at the New Directions Shelter.

Help us organize items, clean, or maintain our garden

Helping to maintain the cleanliness of each of our properties and community garden is a full-time job. We always welcome people who are willing to help with these tasks. 


Host a supply drive

Great for individuals or groups who don't have time to volunteer, but want to contribute more than money. Host a supply drive for toiletries, food, diapers, household items, clothing, etc. 

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