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About Us

Bidwell Riverside Center and Hawthorn Hill - both sharing roots with the United Methodist Church as well as being United Way of Central Iowa pattern agencies - traditionally worked in parallel to provide different programs with the similar goal of helping children and families in need.


In July 2023, Bidwell Riverside Center and Hawthorn Hill officially merged into Families Forward, an organization where the original four programs - Bidwell Pantry, Child Development Center, New Directions Shelter, and The Home Connection - work together to provide compassionate, life-changing assistance to families and their path to self-sufficiency.​

Meet The Team

Tim Shanahan

Tim Shanahan

Executive Director

Tamsin Webb

Tamsin Webb

Development & PR Director


Ayanna Oakley

Child Development Center Director


Sergio Hernandez

Sergio Hernandez

The Home Connection Program Manager

Missy Reams

Missy Reams

Volunteer & Community Outreach Manager

Kelsie Pinegar

Kelsie Pinegar

New Directions Shelter Program Manager

Melanie Wright

Melanie Wright

Administrative Assistant


Board Of Directors

Phyllis Tinker, President

Jill Kempkes, Vice President

Martha Ward, Secretary

Nick Roby, Treasurer

Rhonda Alessio

Gina Graham

Mike Gregan

Brian Hughes

Scott Paulson

Ernest Phillips

Kevin Pothoven

Sara Schuler

Sue Smith

Dee Ann Wilson

2023 Financial Statements
2023 Annual Report
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